Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


What do you see at Midnight?
Our perception of Midnight is ever changing.
Is Midnight the beginning or the end?
Are we starting a new day or ending an old one?
Is Midnight the beginning of life or is it its end?
Every night our minds see something different,
the end of one dream and the beginning of a new one.
How deep is Midnight? Is it as deep as it is dark?
Do we seek new life amongst old life?
"Mid-Night," the name of the night.
The beginning of a 24-hr. period,
yet also the end of an old 24-hr. period.
The axis on which each day revolves.
What do I see at Midnight?
I see the sum of my day's work
or perhaps an evaluation of my self-worth.
I see a period of rest, a period of peace.
When my mind is clear, I can see for days.
I can see the future, find release or review my past.
Do I experience pain or joy?
I can challenge myself into beginning something great.
I can find a way to better myself for those who matter most.

author: Dimitri A St. Phard

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Camilas Dream