Camilas Dream

The Common Dream

To My Son Sidney

I was born on October 31st, Halloween
But I don’t think I am so mean.
The tradition, the hype, the fright;
all to think of the evil in the mind of us all.
The black cat, those ugly bats, the witches, the vampires.
To think of one is to think of all.
When I get mean, please don’t think of Halloween.
Those dreadful eyes, those dreadful fangs.
Sucking the blood is what I hate
from the neck, October 31st.
Look I am handsome and wonderful.
My mon, my dad, my brother, my friends,
Think of me as so playful.
Down to earth, considerate and charming.
But I was born on Halloween.
Please don’t think about a curse.
It is just a day like all others.
I am having fun, all the fun under the sun..
If you want to know, it’s all decent.
We party all night on Halloween night.
My friends and I never thought about the blood
that everyone dread so much.
But I was born on Halloween.

author: Joseph Nicolas

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Camilas Dream