Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


A century has gone by,
which has made us who we are.
Excellent, good or bad,
we have all tasted of life together in some ways.
Let’s join hands to welcome the new century.
We are all in this world to live together.
Despite our differences,
we must strengthen ourselves in the interest of our world.
Our future will be determined by the way we think.
With cooperation and understanding,
with tolerance toward everyone,
let’s join hands and cross the bridge into the next century.
Prejudice of any kind, unfair practices,
and evil thoughts we must reject.
Poverty, illness and despair
only bring clouds to clever minds.
We need each other to win the battle.
Hand in hand let’s cross the bridge into the next century.
Our fathers and mothers have worked, fought and died,
so that we can be who we are today.
Let everyone, from every color, creed and religion work together.
Our children are watching; they will be our judges.
Let’s not disappoint them; let’s make he earth a safer place.
Hand in hand let cross the bridge into the next century.
Hand in hand, let’s live together,
with justice and happiness for all.
The clock is ticking faster than we realize.
Don’t stay behind and don’t be shy,
Let’s celebrate: let’s join hands to cross the bridge into 2000.

author: Joseph Nicolas

La Liberté and its human cargo arrived at Cabana, after spending two long weeks at sea, and departed the following day. The passengers ....

Camilas Dream