Camilas Dream

The Common Dream

Morning Walks With God

The lake in its shimmering intensity beckoned me one morning,
Walking along the long and dusty roads of Hinche.
It was the beginning of summer, and still three more months to go.
The emptiness of a life devoid of noble pursuits loomed ahead.
I didn’t know then that I could remain idle and still feel fulfillment.
I wanted to pursue great feasts, accomplish great things.
I dreamed of conquering illness, making a contribution to the land I love.
God did not yet enter into the equation, except in a surreal state.
Since I couldn’t identify the source of those unspecified yearnings.
I attributed my willingness to serve to parental encouragements.
All I know is that they were just there one day, nudging me on,
As though God had chosen to wake up in me what I had tried to ignore.
Resigned, I asked what He would have me do.
The answer when it came was not what I expected.
He asked me to trust Him and the rest would be available.
How can I trust when I cannot recognize the signs, I prodded.
The silence surrounding me, debilitating at best, compelled me to trust.
I couldn’t find my way out of the maze, absent His holy presence,
Determined to leave all in His capable hands, I followed where He led.

“My Broken Land”
In HazMat Lit Review
Spring 2009 issue

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

La Liberté and its human cargo arrived at Cabana, after spending two long weeks at sea, and departed the following day. The passengers ....

Camilas Dream