Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


On the last Sunday of the carnival season, Father would break his ban on frivolity,
And together, we would sit on the porch and watch the colorful parade of revelers.
There were floats, men on tall wooden legs, acrobats and other funny costumes,
But my very favorite was the “La Magnotte,” a box supposedly full of surprises.
With my few coins tightly squeezed in my hand, I waited in childish excitement,
Happy that father had not forbidden us to watch, to take a peak into “La Magnotte.”
Father was not duped, and he was aware that nothing of interest was in the box,
Which usually contained no more than a frog, a rag doll, or some insignificant thing,
But he acted as if he believed that something magical was going to happen.
Later on as I reflected on the reason for father’s indulging in such a stupid game,
I realized that a surprising message was conveyed that was not found the box.
Father had chosen this way to tell us that he valued the time spent with us.

Pub. in Farsight Magazine

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

La Liberté and its human cargo arrived at Cabana, after spending two long weeks at sea, and departed the following day. The passengers ....

Camilas Dream