Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


“Poems For Mum 2006” – 4/19/06

First conscious memory is of your lovely face,
And of feeling your warmth as I sucked upon your breast.
When snugly tucked in bed, I can still hear you humming,
And sense your watchful presence long into the night.
I learned from living with you how to give until it hurts.
How to pack a lunch, iron clothes and polish shoes.
I see you breathe a sigh of relief when I return from school.
And marvel when you say that disciplining me hurts you more.
The most routine tasks become fun with you.
Away from home, I cannot wait to return,
To the comfortable place and the smile that await me
You were my shelter from every storm and a balm to my cuts.
You made a haven where I could heal from life’s hurtful blows.
My heart is grateful, thought I seldom mention it.
You never asked for anything, but willingly gave all,
Sought no recognition, for duty bound you felt.
No words can describe how deeply you are loved.
Long after you are gone your memory I cherish,
And experience guilt for not taking you to your resting place.
At the mention of your name, tears still obscure my vision.
The woman that I am knows the pain and agony you bore for me,
Wishing that she could tell you just how much she understands.
Alas too late already, the ground has swallowed you.
And all that remains is the hope that I will get another chance,
To say one final good-bye when in Heaven we meet.

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

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Camilas Dream