Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


“Every Kind Of Love” - 4/25/05

The little girl rushes home, crushing the sturdy grass,
As she avoid the tall coconut trees growing nearby.
In her hands she carries the beautiful flowers she has picked,
For the woman on a threadbare mattress, fighting a losing battle
She stifles a sob and moaned, “Oh God, what I am going to do?”
Though she’s been doing this for a while, she cannot bear to see it end.
Every day, after school, she puts away her books,
And silently goes by her mother’s side, waiting for a sign.
“What will I do if Mommy dies and goes up to Heaven?
Will God let me join her there, so I won’t be alone,” she asked.
Her questions remained unanswered and the heavenly skies closed.
She frantically prays for a sign that He hears her prayers.
When the bird appears at the windowsill, and chirps and sings,
It is as if he’s been sent to instill a little life in her desperate vigil.
The answer is not what she expected, but it’s enough to lift her spirit.
God is not silent after all, she mused; perhaps she just can’t hear.
As she gets up and walks out, the bird follows.
Its wing on her shoulder feels like a breath of fresh air.
She suddenly knows that she will be all right if her Mother dies.
Out in the marketplace, in the dust of unpaved roads,
She often came across other children just like her,
Roaming between the stalls at the Iron Market.
They don’t look too unhappy, although dressed up in rags.
If she goes there, they will surely have something to spare.
And every day the little bird will bring her news of her mother,
Who fervently prays that another soul will give her shelter.

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

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Camilas Dream