Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


“In The Shadows” - 12/31/04

Rallying to the sound of the Lambi, they carved a path.
Through dusty streets, they marched.
The women adorned in colorful aprons and headscarves.
The men as if striving to follow soldier’s past.
The old, sick, lame, and the babies on wobbly legs,
A ragged bunch they looked, full of sorrows and woes,
Bearing on their faces the determination of their ancestors.
The sweat and blood that nourished the slaver’s soil.
Had turned poison in freedom’s time, it seemed.
The God of the oppressors was the enemy they felt.
Through countless years of indoctrination they learned,
That He is merciful to friends and enemies alike.
Kneeling in their poverty-stricken churches,
They continue to praise Him, despite their obvious lack.
Cause in their heart they still believe,
From all this chaos, their nation shall rise.
For theirs is a loving God, who will not always remain angry,
But will some day cause the bloody curse to depart forever.

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

La Liberté and its human cargo arrived at Cabana, after spending two long weeks at sea, and departed the following day. The passengers ....

Camilas Dream