Camilas Dream

The Common Dream


“Echoes From Within” - 11/30/04

Father took us for a visit to mother’s farm, to watch the workers till the ground.
A memory of lazy summer days I thought was long forgotten recurrently returns.
There, on the ground lying with the sun shining squarely on my face,
I smell the overpowering odor of cow manure mixed in with heated sugar cane,
And hear the rustling sound of the river washing over slippery rocks.
The never changing summer scenery always looks new to my childish eyes.
Away from the arduous task of learning and the reproving stare of father,
I try to recapture a little bit of a paradise that is all mine.
A memory of first stirring to which innocence puts no name comes to haunt me.
I know that summer romances never last, but reason has no place in my idyllic world.
Reality is an unknown notion in the wooded harmony of my little village.
Growing up made even more painful by the knowledge that all this is transient.
And every day as I lay on the grass looking into the rising sun,
My heart prays that it will be there to share with my children and grandchildren.
But the dream has evaporated before it could be shared.
Transplanted into an alien culture that crushes my spirit by its conformity,
I try to explain the feeling awaken in me by the simplicity of my surroundings.
But I know that it sounds infantile, and as the words leave my mouth,
I stifle the desire to speak of a past that has meaning to no one but me.

author: Camila (Gladys Bruno)

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Camilas Dream